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    Ta Petro

    Country Pride Restaurant Locations

    Iron Skillet and Country Pride Christmas Feast

    Tis the season!  Country Pride restaurants will serve a Christmas feast on December 25th of oven roasted turkey with dressing, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, our endless soup and salad bar AND pumpkin pie for dessert!   Christmas is right around the corner so get those presents wrapped and plan a visit to your favorite Country Pride restaurant.


    We're located inside TA Travel Centers!

    Country Pride Restaurant Locations - Location, Address, Highway, City, State, We're located inside TA Travel Centers
    Location Address Highway City State
    TA Montgomery 980 West South Blvd. I-65, Exit 168 Montgomery AL
    TA Earle 408 Highway 149 North I-40, Exit 260 (St.149 Earle) Earle AR
    TA Prescott 1806 Hwy 371 West I-30, Exit 44 Prescott AR
    TA Tonopah 1010 N. 339th Avenue I-10, Exit 103 Tonopah AZ
    TA Willcox 1501 North Fort Grant Road I-10, Exit 340 Willcox AZ
    TA Redding 19483 Knighton Road I-5, Exit 673 (Knighton Rd.) Redding CA
    TA Ontario 4265 East Guasti Road I-10, Exit 57 (Milliken Ave.) Ontario CA
    TA Santa Nella 12310 S. Hwy 33 I-5, Exit 407 (St.Hwy 33) Santa Nella CA
    TA Commerce City Rick Ash Commerce City Travel Center I-70/I-270, Exit 278 Commerce City CO
    TA Wheat Ridge Danny and Cindy George Wheat Ridge Travel Center I-70, Exit 266 (Ward Rd.) Wheat Ridge CO
    TA Limon 2200 Ninth Street I-70, Exit 359 (Hwy. 24) Limon CO
    TA Willington Robert Fernald Willington Travel Center I-84, Exit 71(Ruby Road) Willington CT
     TA Baldwin 1024 US 301 South
    I-10, Exit 343 (US 301 S.) Baldwin FL
    TA Wildwood 556 E. St. Rt. 44 I-75, Exit 329 (SR 44) Wildwood FL
    TA Marianna 2112 Highway 71 South I-10, Exit 142 (SR 71) Marianna FL
    TA Vero Beach 8909 20th Street I-95, Exit 147 (SR 60) Vero Beach FL
    TA Cartersville 981 Cassville-White Road I-75, Exit 296 Cartersville GA
    TA Council Bluffs 3210 South Seven Street I-29(NB)/I-80(EB), Exit 48 I-29(SB)/I-80(WB), Exit 3 S. Expwy, Exit 49 Council Bluffs IA
    TA Brooklyn 4124 V18 Rd. I-80, Exit 197 Brooklyn IA
    TA Boise J.D. Doc Osburn Boise Travel Center I-84, Exit 54 Boise ID
    TA Chicago North 16650 W. Russell Rd. I-94, Exit 1/1A (Russell Rd.) Zion IL
    TA Mt Vernon 4510 Broadway I-57/ I-64, Exit 95 Mount Vernon IL
    TA Bloomington Gary Buchs Bloomington Travel Center I-55/I-74/I-39, Exit 160A Bloomington IL
    TA Troy 819 Edwardsville Road I-55/I-70, Exit 18 (Rt. 162) Troy IL
    TA Seymour 2636 E. Tipton St. I-65, Exit 50 (SR 50) Seymour IN
    TA Whitestown 5930 East State Road 334 I-65, Exit 130 (SR 334) Whitestown IN
    TA Lake Station 1201 Ripley Street I-80/I-94, Exit 15B Lake Station IN
    TA Porter 1600 West US Hwy 20 I-94, Exit 22B Porter IN
    TA DeMotte 11166 W. State Road 10 I-65, Exit 230 Demotte IN
    TA Clayton 10346 S. State Road 39 I-70, Exit 59 (SR 39) Clayton IN
    TA Beto Junction 2775 Highway 75 I-35, Exit 155 (US 75) Lebo KS
    TA Walton 145 Richwood Road I-75/I-71, Exit 175 (Rt. 338) Walton KY
    TA Tallulah 224 Highway 65 South I-20, Exit 171 Tallulah LA
    TA Slidell 1682 Gause Blvd I-10, Exit 266 (US 190) Slidell LA
    TA Elkton 1400 Elkton Road I-95, Exit 109B Elkton MD
    TA Baltimore South 7401 Assateague Drive I-95, Exit 41 A (Rt. 175) Jessup MD
    TA Baltimore 5501 O'Donnell Street cutoff I-95, Exit 57 Baltimore MD
    TA Ann Arbor 200 Baker Road I-94, Exit 167 (Baker Rd.) Dexter MI
    TA Sawyer 6100 Sawyer Road I-94, Exit 12 Sawyer MI
    TA Saginaw 6364 Dixie Hwy I-75, Exit 144 (Bridgeport) Bridgeport MI
    TA Battle Creek 15874 Eleven Mile Rd. I-94, Exit 104 Battle Creek MI
    TA Tekonsha 15587 M-60 I-69, Exit 25 Tekonsha MI
    TA Rogers Marty Ellis Rogers Travel Center I-94, Exit 207 (Hwy 101) Rogers MN
    TA Concordia 102 N W 4th Street I-70, Exit 58 (Rt. 23) Concordia MO
    TA Foristell 3265 N. Service Road East I-70, Exit 203 (CR W) Foristell MO
    TA Meridian 2150 Russell Mt. Gilead Road I-20, Exit 160 (I-59) Meridian MS
    TA Missoula 8018 U.S. Hwy. 93 N. I-90, Exit 96 Missoula MT
    TA Candler 153 Wiggins Road I-40, Exit 37 Candler NC
    TA Mocksville 1670 U.S. Hwy 601 North I-40, Exit 170 (U.S. 601) Mocksville NC
    TA Ogallala 103 Prospector Drive I-80, Exit 126 (Rt. 61) Ogallala NE
    TA Grand Island 8033 West Holling Rd. I-80, Exit 305 (Alda Rd.) Alda NE
    TA Greenland Denis Litalien Greenland Travel Center I-95, Exit 3 (Nthbnd); Exit 3B (Sthbnd) Greenland NH
    TA Columbia Norman Knight Columbia Travel Center I-80, Exit 4A (Rt. 94) Columbia NJ
    TA Bloomsbury 975 S.R. 173 I-78, Exit 7 (Rt. 173) Bloomsbury NJ
    TA Paulsboro 171 Berkley Rd. I-295, Exit 18 Paulsboro NJ
    TA Gallup 3404 W Historical Hwy 66 I-40, Exit 16 (Hwy 66) Gallup NM
    TA Las Cruces 202 N. Motel Blvd I-10, Exit 139 Las Cruces NM
    TA Albuquerque Jim Wilcox Albuquerque Travel Center I-40, Exit 159A(E); 159D(W)/I-25, Exit 225 (N); Exit 227(S) Albuquerque NM
    TA Moriarty 1700 U.S. Route 66 West I-40, Exit 194 Moriarty NM
    TA Pembroke 8420 Alleghany I-90, Exit 48A (St. Rt. 77) Corfu NY
    TA Binghamton 753 Upper Court Street I-81, Exit 2W (N), Exit 3 (S) Binghamton NY
    TA Dansville 9616 Commerce Drive I-390, Exit 5 Dansville NY
    TA Fultonville 40 Riverside Drive I-90, Exit 28 Fultonville NY
    TA Maybrook 125 Neelytown Road I-84, Exit 5 Montgomery NY
    TA Dayton 6762 US Rte 127 N. I-70, Exit 10 (SR 127) Eaton OH
    TA Lodi 8834 Lake Road I-71, Exit 209 (Rt.224/I-76) Seville OH
    TA London 940 US RT 42 NE I-70, Exit 79 (Rt. 42) London OH
    TA Kingsville 5551 St Rt 193 I-90, Exit 235 (St. Rte 193) Kingsville OH
    TA Youngstown 5400 Seventy Six Drive I-80, Exit 223A (Rt. 46) Youngstown OH
    TA North Canton 4450 Portage St. NW I-77, Exit 111 (Portage St.) North Canton OH
    TA Jeffersonville 12403 US Rt 35 NW I-71, Exit 65 (US 35) Jeffersonville OH
    TA Oklahoma City East 801 South Council Road I-40, Exit 142 Oklahoma City OK
    TA Aurora 21856 Bents Road NE I-5, Exit 278 Aurora OR
    TA Troutdale 790 N W Frontage Road I-84, Exit 17 Troutdale OR
    TA Brookville 245 Allegheny Blvd. I-80, Exit 78 Brookville PA
    TA Harrisburg 7848 Linglestown Road I-81, Exit 77 (Rt. 39) Harrisburg PA
    TA Barkeyville 5644 St. Rt. 8 I-80, Exit 29 (St. Rt. 8) Harrisville PA
    TA Lamar 5600 Nittany Valley Drive I-80, Exit 173 Lamar PA
    TA Bloomsburg 6 Buckhorn Rd. I-80, Exit 232 Bloomsburg PA
    TA Greencastle 10835 John Wayne Drive I-81, Exit 5 Greencastle PA
    TA Milesburg 875 N. Eagle Valley Road I-80, Exit 158 Milesburg PA
    TA Harborcreek 4050 Depot Road I-90, Exit 35 (SR 531) Erie PA
    TA Spartanburg 1402 East Main St. I-85, Exit 63 (SC Rt. 290) Duncan SC
    TA Antioch 13011 Old Hickory Blvd. I-24, Exit 62 Antioch TN
    TA Franklin 4400 Peytonsville Road I-65, Exit 61 Franklin TN
    TA Denmark 155 Hwy. 138 Providence Road I-40, Exit 68 Denmark TN
    TA Baytown 6800 Thompson Road I-10, Exit 789 (Thompson Rd.) Baytown TX
    TA Laredo Henry Albert Laredo Travel Center I-35, Exit 13 (Beltway Pkwy.) Laredo TX
    TA Big Spring 704 West Interstate 20 I-20, Exit 177 (Hwy 87) Big Spring TX
    TA New Braunfels 4817 I-35 North I-35, Exit 193 New Braunfels TX
    TA Terrell 1700 Wilson Road I-20, Exit 503 Terrell TX
    TA Edinburg 8301 N.HWY 281 HWY 281, Exit FM 2812 Edinburg TX
    TA Hillsboro 160 State Hwy 77 I-35, Exit 370 Hillsboro TX
    TA Tooele 8836 Clinton Landing Rd. I-80, Exit 99 Tooele UT
    TA Richmond 10134 Lewistown Road I-95, Exit 89 (Lewistown Rd.) Ashland VA
    TA Wytheville 1025 Peppers Ferry Road I-77, Exit 41/I-81, Exit 72 Wytheville VA
    TA Seattle East Carol Wolder-Nixon Seattle East Travel Center I-90, Exit 34 North Bend WA
    TA Hudson 601 Brakke Dr. I-94, Exit 4 (US 12) Hudson WI
    TA Wheeling 196 W. Alexander Road I-70, Exit 11 (Dallas Pk) Valley Grove WV
    TA Cheyenne 4000 I-80 Service Road I-80, Exit 377 Burns WY
    TA Rawlins 1400 Higley Blvd. I-80, Exit 214 Rawlins WY
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