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    Ta Petro

    Iron Skillet Restaurant Locations

    Iron Skillet and Country Pride Christmas Feast

    Tis the season!  Iron Skillet restaurants will serve a Christmas feast on December 25th of oven roasted turkey with dressing, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, our endless soup and salad bar AND pumpkin pie for dessert!   Christmas is right around the corner so get those presents wrapped and plan a visit to your favorite Iron Skillet restaurant.


    We're located inside Petro Travel Centers!

    Iron Skillet Restaurant Locations - Location, Address, Highway, City, State, located inside Petro Travel Centers
      Location  Address  Highway  City  State
      Location  Address  Highway  City  State
    Petro Bucksville 22526 Highway 216 I-20/I-59, Exit 100 (Hwy 216) Mc Calla AL
    Petro Dodge City 426 Alabama Highway 69 S I-65, Exit 299 Hanceville AL
    Petro W. Memphis Jerry Fritts Jr. West Memphis Stopping Center I-40, Exit 280/I-55, Exit 4 West Memphis AR
    Petro N. Little Rock Idella M. Hansen N. Little Rock Stopping Center I-40, Exit 161 North Little Rock AR
    Petro Eloy 5235 North Sunland Gin Road I-10, Exit 200 (Sunland Gin Rd.) Eloy AZ
    Petro Kingman 970 South Blake Ranch Road I-40, Exit 66 (Blake Ranch Rd.) Kingman AZ
    Petro Ontario Shawn Hubbard Ontario Stopping Center I-10, Exit 57 (Milliken Ave.) Ontario CA
    Petro Corning 2151 South Avenue I-5, Exit 630 (South Ave.) Corning CA
    Petro Wheeler Ridge 5821 Dennis McCarthy Dr. I-5, Exit 219A/219B (Laval Road W.) Lebec CA
    Petro Ocala 7401 West Hwy 318 I-75, Exit 368 (Hwy 318) Reddick FL
    Petro Atlanta 3181 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway I-285, Exit 12 (Donald Lee Hollowell Hwy.) Atlanta GA
    Petro Carnesville 10200 Old Federal Rd. I-85, Exit 160 Carnesville GA
    Petro Effingham 1805 West Fayette Ave I-70/I-57, Exit 159 (W. Fayette Ave.) Effingham IL
    Petro Rochelle 900 Petro Dr. I-39, Exit 99 (Rt. 38) Rochelle IL
    Petro Monee 5915 Monee Rd. I-57, Exit 335 Monee IL
    Petro Wilmington 24225 West Lorenzo Road I-55, Exit 240 Wilmington IL
    Petro Angola 7265 North Baker Road I-69, Exit 157/357 (Lake George Rd.) Fremont IN
    Petro Gary 3001 Grant Street I-80/I-94, Exit 9 Gary IN
    Petro Brazil 1035 W. State Road 42 I-70, Exit 23 Brazil IN
    Petro Greensburg 1409 S. Country Road #850 East I-74, Exit 143 Greensburg IN
    Petro Gaston 14000 W. 28 State Road I-69, Exit 245 Gaston IN
    Petro Remington 4230 W. Highway 24 I-65, Exit 201 (Hwy. 24) Remington IN
    Petro Salina 2125 North 9th Street I-70, Exit 252 Salina KS
    Petro Glendale 554 W. Glendale Hodgenville Road I-65, Exit 86 Glendale KY
    Petro Shreveport 6910 W. Bert Kouns/Industrial Loop I-20, Exit 8 (Industrial Loop) Shreveport LA
    Petro Hammond 2100 S.W. Railroad Avenue I-12, Exit 40 (Hwy. 51) Hammond LA
    Petro Albert Lea 820 Happy Trails Lane I-90/I-35, Exit 11 Albert Lea MN
    Petro Kingdom City 3304 Gold Road I-70, Exit 148 (Hwy. 54) Kingdom City MO
    Petro Joplin 4240 Hwy 43 I-44, Exit 4 (Hwy. 43) Joplin MO
    Petro Oak Grove 301 SW First Street I-70, Exit 28 Oak Grove MO
    Petro Jackson 970 I-20 W. Frontage Road I-20/I-55, Exit 45 (Estbnd); 45A (Wstbnd) (W. Frontage Rd.) Jackson MS
    Petro Mebane 500 Buckhorn Road I-40/I-85, Exit 157 Mebane NC
    Petro Kenly 923 Johnston Parkway I-95, Exit 106 (Truckstop Rd.) Kenly NC
    Petro York Charley Endorf York Stopping Center I-80, Exit 353 York NE
    Petro Bordentown 402 Rising Sun Square Road I-295, Exit 56(Nthbnd); 52(Sthbnd)/NJ Trnpk., Exit 7 Bordentown NJ
    Petro Milan 1430 Motel Drive I-40, Exit 79 (Horizon Blvd.) Milan NM
    Petro Deming 14150 Hwy 418 SW I-10, Exit 68 Deming NM
    Petro North Las Vegas Linda & Bob Caffee N. Las Vegas Stopping Center I-15, Exit 54 (Speedway Blvd.) Las Vegas NV
    Petro Wells 1440 6th St. I-80, Exit 352A (Hwy. 93) Wells NV
    Petro Sparks 1950 East Greg St. I-80, Exit 21 Sparks NV
    Petro Waterloo 1255 Route 414 I-90, Exit 41 Waterloo NY
    Petro Perrysburg 26416 Baker Rd. I-80, Exit 71/I-280, Exit 1B Perrysburg OH
    Petro Girard 1 Petro Place I-80, Exit 226 (Salt Spring Rd.) Girard OH
    Petro North Baltimore 12906 Deshler Rd. I-75, Exit 167 North Baltimore OH
    Petro New Paris 9787 US Route 40 West I-70, Exit 156B (US 40) New Paris OH
    Petro Oklahoma City Ingrid R. Brown Oklahoma City Stopping Center I-40E / I-35, Exit 127/I-40W, Exit 154 Oklahoma City OK
    Petro Phoenix 3730 Fern Valley Rd. I-5, Exit 24 Phoenix OR
    Petro Carlisle 1201 Harrisburg Ave, Route 11 I-81, Exit 52/I-76, Exit 226 Carlisle PA
    Petro Scranton 98 Grove St. I-81, Exit 178B DuPont PA
    Petro Florence 3001 TV Road I-95, Exit 169 Florence SC
    Petro Knoxville 722 N. Watt Rd. I-40/I-75, Exit 369 (Watt Road) Knoxville TN
    Petro Kingston Springs 162 Luyben Hills Road I-40, Exit 188 (Luyben Hills Rd.) Kingston Springs TN
    Petro El Paso 1295 Horizon Blvd. I-10, Exit 37 (Horizon Blvd.) El Paso TX
    Petro Weatherford 2001 Santa Fe Drive I-20, Exit 409 (Clear Lake Rd.) Weatherford TX
    Petro San Antonio Micheal Sheeds San Antonio Stopping Center I-10, Exit 581 (Ackerman Rd.) San Antonio TX
    Petro Amarillo Evan "Buddy" Haston Amarillo Stopping Center E I-40, Exit 75 (Lakeside Dr.) Amarillo TX
    Petro Carl's Corner Bill Ater Jr. Carl's Corner Stopping Center I-35E, Exit 374 (North Side) Hillsboro TX
    Petro Glade Spring 12433 Maple St. I-81, Exit 29 Glade Spring VA
    Petro Raphine 2440 Raphine Road I-81, Exit 205 Raphine VA
    Petro Spokane 10506 West Aero Road I-90, Exit 272 Spokane WA
    Petro Racine 717 South Sylvania Avenue I-94, Exit 333 (Hwy. 20) Sturtevant WI
    Petro Portage North 5800 Kinney Road I-90/I-94/I-39, Exit 108A (Hwy. 78 S.) Portage WI
    Petro Laramie 1855 West Curtis I-80, Exit 310 (Curtis) Laramie WY
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